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China’s challenges and solutions,  according to its leaders

It has been estimated that reducing excessive production capacity by 10 percent in six industries would necessitate letting go about two million workers.


We need a cure for toxic leverage

China needs to take action to curb distorted financing of the real estate market, before a financial crisis ensues

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Southbound Seniors

A growing number of retirees from northern China are leaving their freezing hometowns to fly south for a warmer winter, bringing their destination cities both opportunities and challenges




With the Korean nuclear crisis further complicated by the growing regional rivalry between China and the US, Beijing is finding itself with little room to maneuver when it comes to achieving its dual goals of North Korean denuclearization and maintaining stability in its own backyard


Seismic Shift

China aims to build over 200 overseas seismic monitoring stations, mainly in One Belt, One Road countries prone to devastating earthquakes, to minimize damage and mitigate economic losses among future business partners



Never Back Down

Wrongfully imprisoned for 23 years, Chen Man is now a free man thanks to the persistence of his legal team and a changing judicial environment



Pediatric medicine is seen as a career of last resort amongst Chinese medical students – despite huge demand, those who qualify face meager salaries, high pressure and oppressive workloads


The Pwer of Prevention

One social organization is working to empower Chinese youth with knowledge and skills to help protect themselves from HIV/AIDS


The Next Big Thing?

A new butler school and its students bank on China’s legion of millionaires, hoping that hiring a butler will become the next symbol of wealth amongst the country’s nouveau riche



Future of Finance

As technology increasingly interconnects the financial world, financial risks and regulations grow murkier. NewsChina asks former central bank official Cai E’sheng how the country can learn from its past and prepare for its future



The ABCs of Queuing

Waiting in line is not a time to pull out a novel or indulge in Candy Crush


Getting To Know You

A discussion about housing prices developed into an explanation of what had happened to her husband

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Gate Mail

Chinese government plans to replace ubiquitous enclosed residential communities with open blocks similar to those in Western countries. They may have a fight on their hands


Leap Into The Unknown

A new method to punish corrupt officials, described in the media as “cliff-jumping demotion,” has increasingly found favor with anti-graft enforcers


Retooling Reform

The Chinese market often thinks differently than those who attempt to command it. With better communication and a more thorough understanding of market forces, upcoming policies might have a better chance of bringing about their intended results


Playing Politics

With economics at the forefront of this year’s agenda, China maintains its cautious but firm positions on political issues



Dragonfly Eyes

Prominent visual artist Xu Bing’s first feature film is composed solely of footage from China’s millions of surveillance cameras, altering viewers’ concepts of reality and showing them just how often they are being watched



Lü Jingren, one of China’s best-regarded book designers, believes the bookbinder’s art will always bring life to the printed word



The Show Must Go On

While Peking opera fans in China have shriveled in number over the past few decades, the art form has received a warm reception in foreign countries like Germany, giving experts hope the tradition can be revived on the domestic stage

Outside In



Nine countries effectively colonized the city of Tianjin, imprinting it with a culture it has since tried to reappropriate as its own


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What They Say

  • Some village-level officials have held their positions for 20 to 40 years. Long tenure has turned them into ‘emperors.’

    Columnist Lai Hairong proposing the introduction of fixed term limits on village-level positions.

  • I wear a US$60,000 [foreign] watch. Is it really worth US$60,000? No! What we pay for is the brand.

    Fu Jun, president and board chairman of Macrolink Group, a large Chinese private enterprise engaged in real estate, international trade, finance and mining, calling on Chinese entrepreneurs to boost t

  • We cannot mention American and Chinese training regimens in the same breath. There’s a 20-year gap between them.

    Chinese basketball star Yao Ming speaking to Yahoo reporter Adrian Wojnarowski about the limitations of his country’s sports system.

  • I don’t think that resignations of government employees have become a ‘tidal wave.’ This ‘phenomenon’ is normal, and proves the healthy mobility of talent.

    Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference spokesperson Wang Guoqing trying to put a positive spin on a rash of resignations among key officials, including judges.

  • Panicking about the economy is far worse than actual economic problems.

    Alibaba founder and billionaire Jack Ma warning of the dangers of losing confidence in China’s economy at the 2016 China Entrepreneurs Forum.

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