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Chen Tao

Photo by Chen Tao

November 2015 Issue | by Chen Tao, Yuan Ye | House Renovation

NEW Home, NEW Life

Architectural designer Wang Pingzhong transformed a poor family of five’s pint-size apartment into a luxury home, wowing the Chinese Internet with his clever use of space. By changing the family’s life through design, Wang hopes to show the masses the art form’s true power

July 2015 Issue | by Chen Tao | Chi Zijian

From the Heart, Among Mountains

Studiously avoiding the hustle and bustle of literary circles, esoteric Chinese writer Chi Zijian prefers to connect with her readers through her work, both on and off the page

May 2015 Issue | by Chen Tao, Yuan Ye | Mongolian Folk Rock


Mongolian folk-rock band Hanggai, despite unanimous domestic critical acclaim and a growing audience overseas, have remained fastidiously anti-mainstream for a decade. However, a recent appearance on a popular reality TV singing-songwriting contest may be set to change that

Photo by Dong Jiexu

February 2015 Issue | by Yang Shiyang, Chen Tao | Lou Ye

Unrepentantly Underground

Director Lou Ye’s latest offering has given Chinese audiences an unusual insight into a national institution – the blind massage center

Photo by Xinhua

December 2014 Issue | by Chen Tao | He Wenkai

As Clean as a Chinese Official

A local public prosecutor’s bold online disclosure of his private assets has drawn cautious public plaudits, but may have made him an enemy of his higher-ups

Photo by IC

December 2013 Issue | by Chen Tao | Yan Lianke

Chronicles of Myth and Reality

Walking a path not too far removed from that taken by China’s first Nobel prize winning author Mo Yan, “mythical-realist” Yan Lianke aims to elucidate absurdity without straying too far from China’s real-world problems

Photo by Li Qiang

May 2013 Issue | by Chen Tao | Zuoxiao Zuzhou

He Rocks

Rock 'n' roll singer Zuoxiao Zuzhou has released an album of nursery rhymes, These Tiny Grapes, as an unorthodox way of calling attention to China's social ills

Photo by Li Qiang

December 2012 Issue | by Chen Tao | Mo Yan

Gaomi Style

Writer Mo Yan draws heavily on his experiences in his hometown of Gaomi. Since his Nobel win, the domestic and international media has descended on this small community in an attempt to uncover the man behind the medal

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