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Du Guodong

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February 2016 Issue | by Gao Min, Du Guodong | Civil Service Exam


Once-coveted civil service positions are losing appeal as the Chinese government continues to ramp up its anti-corruption campaign alongside an expanding private sector

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October 2015 Issue | by Du Guodong | Left-behind Children


China is home to an estimated 61 million “left-behind children” whose parents have left home for work. Although the basic physical needs of most are met, their behavioral and psychological wellbeing go largely ignored

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October 2015 Issue | by Du Guodong | Left-behind Children


The government and welfare organizations have taken steps over the years to ease the plight of China’s left-behind children, but the scale of the problem makes it tough to tackle

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September 2015 Issue | by Du Guodong, Min Jie | Government Relocation

Journey to the East

The Beijing municipal government will move some departments to the city’s eastern suburbs to ease traffic congestion and boost regional integration, but challenges abound

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September 2015 Issue | by Du Guodong | Rural Teachers

Rough Schooling

China’s rural teachers have long been underpaid and undervalued by the country’s highly centralized education system. Will a newly released support plan improve their lot?

January 2015 Issue | by Du Guodong | Profile Fees


Chinese workers are getting fed up with paying a yearly fee for the file the government keeps on them

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November 2014 Issue | by Du Guodong | Gaokao


China’s notoriously difficult college entrance examination is undergoing yet another overhaul in a bid to promote equality – but controversies abound

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October 2014 Issue | by Du Guodong | Residence Registration


At a time when single mothers are still ostracized in Chinese society, most claim that their greatest agony lies in attempting to secure citizenship for their children

August 2014 Issue | by Du Guodong | Hospice Gap


A shortage of palliative care centers and ingrained taboos surrounding death have made dying with dignity a virtual impossibility in China

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July 2014 Issue | by Du Guodong | Jilin Archives


Newly-deciphered documents provide first-hand Japanese accounts of atrocities committed during World War II. Will they prove the game-changers Chinese historians claim them to be?

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May 2014 Issue | by Du Guodong | Black Lung


China’s central government is being called upon to help the country’s vast population of black lung sufferers

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February 2014 Issue | by Du Guodong | Road Tolls

Highway Robbery

China’s vast freight industry is being constrained by extortionate highway tolls, which are often passed directly on to truck drivers

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