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Fu Yao

Photo provided by Kim Young-hee

April 2016 Issue | by Fu Yao | Kim Young-hee

Godfather of Variety

One of South Korea’s leading impresarios has arrived in China to tap into a seemingly unquenchable thirst for reality TV

March 2016 Issue | by Fu Yao | Childless Parents

Sole Survivors

Family planning official Han Shengxue has become an unlikely champion of the rights of those families left childless by the restrictions imposed by China’s now defunct One Child Policy

Photo by dong Jiexu

December 2015 Issue | by Fu Yao | Odor Testers

Nasal Officers

Perfumiers require a sharp nose, but to become an “odor tester,” whose profession is to sift safe from potentially dangerous smells, it seems any nose will do

Photo by cfp

August 2015 Issue | by Fu Yao | Nursing Home Fire


The blaze that claimed 38 lives in Lushan reflects inadequate care for the aging population

May 2015 Issue | by Fu Yao | Criminal Lawyers

In Their Defense

China’s latest round of judicial reforms aims to shield criminal defense lawyers from stress, risk and discrimination, but experts say it will be years before any impact is felt

April 2015 Issue | by Fu Yao, Li Jia | Exported Waste


The West’s waste and its impact on Chinese lives and the environment are placed under the microscope in a provocative new documentary

Mario Proenca/Bloomberg via Getty Images

February 2015 Issue | by Fu Yao | Property Investment

A Place in the Sun

Chinese people are pouring money into overseas real estate. Can they hold their own in complex foreign markets?

Photo By CFP

January 2015 Issue | by Fu Yao | Incineration Plants

Trash Talk

The Beijing government is relaunching a garbage incinerator project which was suspended five years ago due to neighborhood protests. Why are the authorities determined to see this unpopular project realized?

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