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Min Jie

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May 2016 Issue | by Min Jie | Cai E’sheng

Future of Finance

As technology increasingly interconnects the financial world, financial risks and regulations grow murkier. NewsChina asks former central bank official Cai E’sheng how the country can learn from its past and prepare for its future

April 2016 Issue | by Min Jie

China needs to broaden its scope to stabilize the real estate industry

Recent efforts to shrink inventories of unsold real estate can only work in the short term

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April 2016 Issue | by Min Jie, Li Jia | SOE Categorization

The Sweet Spot

Chinese State-owned enterprises can no longer have their cake and eat it, too – each is being forced to choose between being a market competitor or a public service provider. A tangled web of interests arising from mixed operation has made this a tough decision to make

March 2016 Issue | by Min Jie, Li Jia | Economic Forecast


State Council economist Wang Yiming discusses whether or not China’s hybrid engine can successfully propel its economy forward during the transitional period of 2016

March 2016 Issue | by Min Jie, Li Jia | Economic Forecast


The disappointing performance of emerging economies and the debt supercycle plaguing developed economies will continue to weigh on global growth in 2016. World players are trying to rewrite the rules of international trade and investment. Economist Yu Yongding analyzes whether or not China will submit to these external pressures

December 2015 Issue | by Min Jie | Foreign Investment

Going Negative

China has recently announced that in 2018 it will further open up to foreign investment by adopting a nationwide “negative list” that outlines restricted investment sectors while emphasizing that anything unlisted is fair game

September 2015 Issue | by Min Jie | Lottery Funds Scandal


China’s recent audit of lottery funds uncovers massive corruption and fundamental flaws within the industry

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June 2015 Issue | by Min Jie | Online Lottery

Swept Stakes

China’s growing lottery craze could sputter as authorities clamp down on online ticket sales in order to curb ‘rampant irregularities’

May 2015 Issue | by Min Jie | Family Planning Policy


Academics continue to call for an end to the population control policy to address the dual issues of an aging society and a looming labor shortage. Why are their requests still being rebuffed?

May 2014 Issue | by Min Jie | Personalities


One outspoken official has spent ten years trying to put the brakes on China’s “corruption on wheels”

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April 2014 Issue | by Min Jie | Xinjiang Violence


Unprecedented policies in Xinjiang in response to a spate of terrorist attacks in the region hint at a strategic shift

June 2013 Issue | by Min Jie | Central and Local Governments

The Asset of Ambiguity

Blurred boundaries between central and local power are at the root of the disjointed enforcement of central policy in China. The recent “re-interpretation” of housing price regulations in local jurisdictions is a case in point

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