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Su Xiaoming

February 2015 Issue | by Su Xiaoming | Corruption


The ongoing crackdown on official graft continues to fell cadres from all levels of the Party pecking order

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January 2015 Issue | by Su Xiaoming | Pharmacy License


A massive cheating scandal exposed during this year’s national pharmacist exam diet has brought attention to the problems and prejudices keeping the industry from modernizing

December 2014 Issue | by Yang Di, Su Xiaoming | China Post

Survival for the Fittest

The ossified mega-State-owned Enterprise China Post Group has undergone restructuring to cater to a modern marketplace. But is this enormous entity really able to change?

December 2014 Issue | by Su Xiaoming, Yang Di, Li Jia | Anti-social Crime

Villains and Victims

China is asking why some citizens seem to be driven to commit horrific attacks against innocents, often without an apparent motive. Whatever the reasons, a consensus seems to be emerging as to how to resolve this social illness

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June 2014 Issue | by Du Guodong, Su Xiaoming | Drug Scandal


The absence of policies and laws governing China’s kindergartens may be to blame for a spate of medication scandals

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December 2013 Issue | by Su Xiaoming | High School Homicide

Underdog Killer

How a dispute over a cellphone led a high school senior to murder his teacher

December 2013 Issue | by Su Xiaoming, Zhou Zhenghua, Sun Zhe | Housing Market

Forever Blowing Bubbles

Will the potential collapse of housing markets in second- and third-tier cities affect the white-hot markets in China’s biggest urban centers?

October 2013 Issue | by Su Xiaoming | Prostitution Scandal

Judges, Johns,  and Justice

After losing an expensive lawsuit, a Shanghai businessman has become an overnight celebrity after bringing down the judge he blamed for his losses

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