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Yue Wei

March 2016 Issue | by Yue Wei, Li Jia | Economic Forecast


Reforming State-owned enterprises has been a three-decade-long process for China. Countless solutions have been tested unsuccessfully. NewsChina asks researcher Zhang Wenkui if this round of reforms, with its emphasis on diversified ownership, will be different

March 2016 Issue | by Yue Wei, Li Jia | Economic Forecast


To reform China’s capital market, one must look back at its origins. Professor Cao Fengqi explains how the market’s problems are rooted in its inception

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August 2015 Issue | by Yue Wei | Online Diagnosis

Breaking Through

China’s health regulator has tightened its grip on online diagnosis service to curb malpractice. Do the country’s online healthcare providers have what it takes to meet this challenge?

June 2015 Issue | by Yan Guangming, Yue Wei, Zhou Yao | Chinese Cars


Can Chinese automakers step their game up before foreign and joint-venture brands solidify their dominance?

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April 2015 Issue | by Yue Wei, Li Jia | Black Market Pharma


An underground market for generic Indian pharmaceuticals is growing in China, with medical patients risking prosecution and even poisoning. The problem is unlikely to go away unless China’s healthcare system is repaired, and the country’s generic drug industry can meet a growing demand

September 2014 Issue | by Yue Wei, Yuan Ye | State Theater


The Beijing People’s Art Theater (BPAT) serves a dual function as a mainstay of Chinese performing arts and as a bureau-level government organization established to produce polished propaganda for the Ministry of Culture. Ren Ming, BPAT’s fourth president, has spent his 27-year career balancing the interests of art and politics

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