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Chen Wei

Photo by Zhen Hongge

May 2016 Issue | by Chen Wei | Lü Jingren


Lü Jingren, one of China’s best-regarded book designers, believes the bookbinder’s art will always bring life to the printed word

February 2016 Issue | by Chen Wei | Extramarital Birth


One separated couple decided to have a child out of wedlock to challenge rigid legal and social restrictions on unmarried couples and their offspring

Courtesy of the interviewees

August 2015 Issue | by Yuan Ye, Chen Wei | Migrant Worker Poetry

The Mighty Pen

A new poetry collection and documentary showcase how poetry gives a rare outlet to some of the migrant workers on the frontlines of the world’s factory

Photo by Dong jiexu

April 2015 Issue | by Chen Wei | Forbidden City


NewsChina secures an exclusive interview with Shan Jixiang, director of the Palace Museum, which is aiming to shed a stuffy image and become a truly world-class museum worthy of its glorious setting

Photo by CFP

April 2015 Issue | by Chen Wei | Marriage Loophole


A loophole in Chinese marriage law enables one party to divorce another without notifying them

Courtesy of Jin Na

February 2014 Issue | by Chen Wei | Art Exhibition

Art and Reality

With demolition looming large, 20 artists are fighting back by presenting their works in hope of saving an old house

Photo by ma qiang

December 2013 Issue | by Chen Wei | Yang Bin

Caring for Criminals

Procurator Yang Bin’s efforts to inject a little compassion into China’s rigid legal system have met with success, and suspicion

November 2013 Issue | by Chen Wei | Rural Art Education

Village Ballet

An experimental arts-education program in rural China aims to bring a touch of the classical to impoverished children

September 2013 Issue | by Chen Wei | “Suspended Meals”

Free Dinners, No Takers

A restaurant owner’s scheme to encourage charity in the local community has been met mostly with disbelief

photo Courtesy of Qiao Qiao

September 2013 Issue | by Chen Wei | Nature Documentarian

Under One Roof

A short documentary shot by director Qiao Qiao looks unflinchingly into the destruction of China’s few remaining wildlife habitats

Photo by Li Qiang

August 2013 Issue | by Chen Wei | Maotanchang School

Exam Boot Camp

A middle school in Anhui province has earned a reputation for its high college entrance exam scores, and the military-style regimen it enforces in order to achieve them

Photo by CFP

February 2013 Issue | by Yuan Ye, Chen Wei | General Education

Front-line Faculty

According to some, while China has millions of graduates, it has a dearth of creative, critical minds. A few of the country’s academics are trying to solve this problem by overhauling the country’s approach to higher education, with mixed results

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