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David Green

April 2016 Issue | by David Green

An Uphill Struggle

There was a chance we would not make it before the first snowfall rendered access to the mountain even more perilous.

January 2016 Issue | by David Green | Divine Donggang


One of Taiwan’s most breathtaking folk events is held in one of its least-known towns

September 2014 Issue | by David Green | Remote Chiufen


Our writer explores this eerily pretty coastal mountain town in Taiwan that has inspired some of Asia’s greatest filmmakers

October 2013 Issue | by David Green | Chongqing/Guizhou

Kaili Calling

When it’s 40 degrees Celsius in Chongqing, the cool, relaxed ambience of rural Kaili, Guizhou, is only a short hop away. If you’re on a tight schedule, however, rafting two hours from the city center is a good compromise

September 2013 Issue | by David Green

Arrivederci, Beijing

I bear no grudges, Beijing has been a more than welcoming host, but change is refreshing and necessary.

April 2013 Issue | by David Green

Air Today, Gone Tomorrow

The acrid, throat-burning, eye-irritating haze that descended on Beijing last month could not be ignored.

Photo by by CFP

March 2013 Issue | by David Green | Stunning Zhangjiajie

Hiking with the Na’vi

Despite a touristboom, Zhangjiajie’s unparalleled juxtaposition of mixed forests and thousands of karst fingers that reach into the clouds still gives visitors a journey into the world of Avatar.

February 2013 Issue | by David Green

Smoke Signals

People break for a smoke in the middle of a meal and often put their butts out in their uneaten food.

Illustration by Xiang Zhaohui

January 2013 Issue | by David Green

Back to Normal

My protective instinct towards my adoptive city always kicks in when I’m gearing up to showcase Beijing to the uninitiated

Illustration by Xiang Zhaohui

December 2012 Issue | by David Green

Dancers in the Dark

It emerged that we had spent the night in the ruins of an abandoned mountaintop village.

September 2012 Issue | by David Green

Bike Minded

“It’s a bastard, and it gets really steep.”

April 2012 Issue | by David Green

Cross-Straits Blues

I was simply and abruptly orphaned after having fleetingly been part of a Chinese family.

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