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Qian Wei

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December 2015 Issue | by Qian Wei | Alzheimer’s in China

Mounting Threat

As China’s older demographic swells rapidly, its Alzheimer’s-affected population also booms, yet the general public remains unaware of the disease’s severity and the massive challenges it poses for families and society as a whole

September 2015 Issue | by An Ran, Qian Wei | Exam Fraud


As cheating on international exams like the SAT and TOEFL becomes rampant in China, a NewsChina reporter wonders: Just how easy is it to scam the system? She takes the TOEFL to find out, and collects firsthand information on the exam’s exploitable loopholes

February 2015 Issue | by Qian Wei | Preventive Healthcare


China’s expanding and largely unregulated private medical service industry is reaping major rewards through the exploitation of popular hypochondria

December 2014 Issue | by Qian Wei | Sex Therapy

Sexual Healing

With Chinese social attitudes to sex often conflicted, those offering unorthodox treatments for the nation’s sexual problems face an uphill battle for recognition

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August 2014 Issue | by Qian Wei | Greenpeace

A Storm in a Rice Bowl

A seemingly innocuous incident in an experimental rice paddy has re-ignited public debate over the ethics of genetically modified crops

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July 2014 Issue | by Qian Wei, Sun Zhe | Construction Industry

The Bad Die Young

Corner-cutting, low industry standards and shoddy materials have turned the products of China’s rampant construction boom into ticking time bombs

Photo by Li Qiang and Li Ang

February 2014 Issue | by Qian Wei, Xie Ying | Brain Drain

Tempting Talent

China has launched many programs aimed at attracting back some of the thousands of its highly skilled citizens who settle abroad. However, it seems the best and brightest Chinese need more than a fat paycheck to tempt them back to the People’s Republic

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January 2014 Issue | by Wang Yan, Qian Wei | Chinese Honey


China’s indigenous honey bee is under threat from both environmental degradation and competing species

Photo by AFP

August 2013 Issue | by Qian Wei, Xie Ying | Avian Flu

Playing Chicken

Given the ineffective government supervision and a shocking lack of mandatory hygiene measures in China’s poultry industry, the continuously evolving avian flu virus still poses a significant threat

June 2013 Issue | by Qian Wei, Li Jia | Cancer in China

A Malignant Issue

China’s cancer rate has outpaced all expectations, hitting a wide range of demographics. Can the country deal with it?

Photo by Ma Jun

April 2013 Issue | by Qian Wei, Xie Ying | New Lanzhou Project

Removing Mountains

Thirsty for land for lucrative urban development projects, the Lanzhou city government plans to level over 700 mountain tops around the city, regardless of the financial and environmental risks

April 2012 Issue | by Qian Wei, Yi Xiaohe

In Their Own Words

Han Han and Fang Zhouzi make their case in interviews with NewsChina

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