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Xie Ying

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May 2014 Issue | by Xie Ying | Three Gorges Dam


The Central Committee for Discipline Inspection has trained its crosshairs on the State-owned Three Gorges Corporation - putting a previously untouchable prestige project in the firing line of its expanding anti-corruption campaign

May 2016 Issue | by Xie Ying | Enclosed Communities

Gate Mail

Chinese government plans to replace ubiquitous enclosed residential communities with open blocks similar to those in Western countries. They may have a fight on their hands

May 2016 Issue | by Xie Ying | Peking Opera in Germany

The Show Must Go On

While Peking opera fans in China have shriveled in number over the past few decades, the art form has received a warm reception in foreign countries like Germany, giving experts hope the tradition can be revived on the domestic stage

Photo by Xinhua

January 2016 Issue | by Xie Ying | Nobel Prize

Prize-worthy Proof

When Tu Youyou won the Nobel Prize, it opened up a re-examination of China’s scientific research system

November 2015 Issue | by Xie Ying | Child Sex Laws

An Uncomfortable Debate

China has finally removed a controversial ‘soliciting underage prostitutes’ statute, reclassifying such activities as statutory rape. However, disputes over the country’s child protection laws continue to rage

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October 2015 Issue | by Xie Ying | An Abducted Woman

“Bloody Rouge”

More than 20 years ago, Gao Yanmin was abducted and sold into a rural marriage. Despite attempts to escape, Gao eventually settled in the village and served as its sole female teacher, earning praise from some for ‘repaying evil with good’ even as others slammed the tacit endorsement of human trafficking. NewsChina investigates

September 2015 Issue | by Xie Ying | Campus Bullying

Victims of Silence

Video footage of violence on Chinese school campuses has provoked public alarm, with some calling for criminal prosecution of the worst offenders. Experts, however, believe that society, not the law, needs to take responsibility

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July 2015 Issue | by Xie Ying | Water Pollution

All Bark, No Bite

Have China’s environmental protection departments really been given “teeth?”

Photo by CFP

June 2015 Issue | by Xie Ying | Soccer Reform


The Chinese government has launched nationwide reform of the country’s soccer apparatus to a mixed reaction from the sports world and the public

May 2015 Issue | by Chen Jiying, Xie Ying | Virtual Red Envelopes

Pushing the Envelope

Over the recent Chinese New Year festival, Chinese apps and brands found a way to bring traditional New Year’s cash gifts into the online world

Photo by Wu Hailang

March 2015 Issue | by Xie Ying | Wrongful Convictions


Although the government’s pledge to establish rule of law in China has led to the overturning of a number of wrongful convictions, a lack of a robust accountability mechanism is holding legal reform back

February 2015 Issue | by Xi Zhigang, Xie Ying | Henan Residence Reform


Henan Province will soon allow rural migrants to apply for urban residence permits, but this seemingly progressive policy has been met with skepticism from the migrant workers themselves

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