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December 2011 Issue

Photo by CFP/Cover Illustration by Wu Shangwen

Society | by News China Magazine

Sex and the Schoolroom

Chinese teachers, parents and legislators weigh in on a familiar debate - does the responsibility for sex education lie with the schools, and if so, at what age should children learn the facts of life?


News Brief | by News China Magazine | International

Cross-Border Credit Fraud

Photo by Zhen Hongge

Society | by Wang Yifan, Chen Wei | Sex Education

Progress or Pornography?

A new sex education primer aimed at elementary school-age children has caused a storm of controversy in China, with some hailing it as progressive and others calling it “gratuitous and reckless”


News Brief | by News China Magazine | Top Story

Chinese Boat Crew Killed in Golden Triangle


News Brief | by News China Magazine | Transport

Subway Smash in Shanghai

News Brief | by News China Magazine | Society

Sex Slaver


News Brief | by News China Magazine | Business

Taobao in Trouble

Photo by Zhen Hongge and CNS

Society | by Wang Yan | Sex Education

Yet to Mature

Lacking a solid foundation, sex education in China remains fragmentary and falls far short of comprehensiveness. How can a country so conflicted about sexual values move forward?

Editorial | by News China Magazine

In Search of a “Cultural Rejuvenation”

It has become urgent to put cultural development on the right track.

Photo by Liu Tao

Society | by Wang Qiusi, Han Yong | Family Planning

Better Than One?

After more than three decades of China’s One Child Policy, a pilot program to loosen restrictions is now under discussion. But will a change lead to a birth rate explosion, or worse, have no effect at all in slowing down the growth of an aging population?

Photo by Shi Jianxue/CFP

Society | by Wang Yan | Sex Education

Teaching Taboo

As the teen abortion rate continues to rise, educators are calling for a sex education paradigm with Chinese characteristics drawing on “traditional values, virtues and esthetics.” But is this just another way to avoid directly addressing the issue of sex in education?

Commentary | by Yu Miaojie

There’s No Such Thing as a “Win-win” War

Punishing China, while politically helpful, will not reverse America’s fortunes

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