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February 2016 Issue

Economy | by Li Jia | Reserve Currency


Symbolically, the yuan’s inclusion in the IMF’s basket of reserve currencies may provide a confidence boost to China’s economy and currency. Substantially, the leadership’s ambition behind the milestone lies in bolstering China’s supply of goods and services to Chinese consumers, which in turn can only be made possible through reform

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History | by Xu Tian, Xie Ying | Inaugural Cross-Straits Talks

Branches Divided

Unbeknownst to many, the Chinese mainland authorities held a series of indirect talks with Taiwan concerning potential reunification in the 1950s and 1960s

Culture | by Zhou Fengting, Yuan Ye | Documentarian Zhou Hao

Glimpse Into Chaos

By gaining exclusive access to the daily working life of a Chinese city mayor, fly-on-the-wall director Zhou Hao has enlivened public perceptions of a rich, complex social sphere

Culture | by Wan Jiahuan | Director Feng Xiaogang

In Front of the Camera

After a two-year break from the film industry, director Feng Xiaogang, known mainly for his many light-hearted blockbusters, returns as a lead actor in an action flick. NewsChina talks with Feng about his new choice, the motivation behind it and what’s to come

China by Numbers | by News China Magazine

China by Numbers - February 2016

Visual Report | by News China Magazine

A Brick of Beijing Smog

Outside In | by Francesca Triggs | Thrilling Taiwan


Snow Mountain, Taiwan’s second-highest peak, is a paradise for intrepid hikers and those wishing to see a different, wilder side of the island

Outside In | by Olivia Contini | flavor of the month

Yes, But Is It Pasta?

Essay | by Anitra Williams

Tummy Trouble

Knowing how much international hospitals cost without good insurance, I went to the local military hospital

Essay | by Madara Rudzite

Found in Translation

Somehow, in my mind at least, the word “fuwuyuan” is redolent with all the frustrations that many in China’s service industry gleefully inflict on their customers

Cultural Listings | by News China Magazine | Cinema

Kung Fu Master

Cultural Listings | by News China Magazine | Music

Rock God on the Small Screen

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