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July 2015 Issue

Commentary | by Sun Xiaolin

China’s FTZs can catalyze a new round of economic reform

By setting up FTZs to experiment with new policies and new models, the central goverment hopes to trigger a new round of competition between local governments

Editorial | by News China Magazine

China needs to coordinate its new fiscal and monetary policies

A major reason why small and medium-sized businesses struggle to access financing is that the financial system remains in thrall to big State banks

Photo by IC

Politics | by Yu Xiaodong | Hong Kong Electoral Reform

Final Round

Hong Kong’s lawmakers and citizens are split over an upcoming vote on the central government’s proposal for establishing universal suffrage in the territory

Photo by CFP

Politics | by Xi Zhigang | Civilian-Military Integration

Priority One

As China launches its ‘Made in China 2025’ strategy to promote innovation, it is escalating integration between civilian and military interests

Photo by CFP

Society | by Wang Yan | Water Pollution

Actions Speak Louder

China’s ambitious top-level plan to tackle water pollution has finally been released, but with so many interests at stake, can the the authorities make good on their promises?

Photo by CFP

Society | by Xie Ying | Water Pollution

All Bark, No Bite

Have China’s environmental protection departments really been given “teeth?”

Photo by CFP

Society | by Ma Jing | Judicial Corruption

Breaking Down the Courtroom Door

A lack of transparency and a rigid hierarchy is fostering corruption among China’s courts. Can the authorities force internal court politics into the light?

Photo by Zhang Hao

Society | by Xu Fangqing | Overseas Rescue

Stronger Together

China’s overseas rescue work in Nepal has highlighted the need for better coordination between the country's upstart relief teams

Photo by Liao Pan

International | by Yu Xiaodong | China and India

An Asian Century?

Amid border disputes and a strategic rivalry, China and India seek to improve economic ties and develop mutual trust

International | by Gong Longfei | Vietnamese Brides

Closer than Heaven

NewsChina interviewed nearly 20 Vietnamese women who have entered cross-border marriages with Chinese men. Their stories provide a window into these unconventional couplings, and the pressures that created them

Economy | by Li Jia | Belt and Road

All In

The private sector, including businesses and non-profit organizations, is expected to set the tone of One Belt, One Road

Photo by ic

Economy | by Li Jia | Belt and Road

A Grand Chorus

China needs to work in harmony with a global chorus of stakeholders. Its Belt and Road initiative will prove to be a precipitous learning curve

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