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July 2015 Issue

Photo by Dong Jiexu

History | by Wen Tianyi | Lost Documentary

Reel Resurrection

Kukan, a documentary about China’s resistance against Japan during World War II, produced by Chinese-American Ling’ai Li and shot by American journalist Rey Scott, won an Academy Award in 1942, before being lost, seemingly forever. 70 years later, Robin Lung, another Chinese-American, located the only copy and facilitated its re-release. NewsChina looks into the story of the documentary and the people behind it

Culture | by Chen Tao | Chi Zijian

From the Heart, Among Mountains

Studiously avoiding the hustle and bustle of literary circles, esoteric Chinese writer Chi Zijian prefers to connect with her readers through her work, both on and off the page

Culture | by Zhao Zhuo | Folk Singer Li Zhi

Music Businessman

One of the most recognized independent folk musicians in China, Li Zhi argues that his industry needs to professionalize

Culture | by Zhou Fengting | Modern Dance

Dances with Robots

An assembly-line automaton, repurposed into a dancer in an avant-garde piece by Taiwanese choreographer Huang Yi, hints at a future where humans and machines come together side by side to create and perform

Photo by IC

Outside In | by Alice Stevenson | Unmissable Yunnan

Minority Report

Our reporter takes a few wrong turns in her quest to explore the diversity of Yunnan’s minority villages

Outside In | by Sean Silbert | flavor of the month

Save Our Snacks

Essay | by Anna Lykkeberg

A Busload of Surprises

Once on board, I was surrounded by people staring down at their phones – watching TV shows, listening to music, playing games – anything to distract from the overcrowding

Essay | by Reece Ayers


My role as a foreign attendee was to look nice for the camera

Visual Report | by News China Magazine

All You’ve Got

Photographer Ma Hongjie has spent 11 years traveling across China, spending time with local families and photographing them surrounded by all of their worldly possessions

What They Say | by News China Magazine

What They Say - July 2015

China by Numbers | by News China Magazine

China by Numbers - July 2015

Cultural Listings | by News China Magazine | Cinema

Singer, Actor, Director

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In Whose Court?

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Tradition on Trial

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Inevitable Brutality

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Graft Breeds Graft

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Saving Nature

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Problem Solved?

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An Avoidable Tragedy

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Who Cares?

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Mean Streets

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How do Chinese people live?

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Back in Action

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Trust Trip

Embarking on a three-month car journey around China without handing over…[More]

Fading Lights

For those who grew up under the bright lights of China…[More]