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November 2015 Issue

Culture | by Wan Jiahuan, Chen Tao | Liu Cixin


The first Asian author to win science fiction’s most distinguished prize, the Hugo Award, reflects on the genre’s past ups and downs in China and what its growing prominence reveals about the country today

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Culture | by Gao Min | TFBoys


The Internet age has transformed the relationship between artists and their fans. In China, this trend is encapsulated in the rise of teen pop icons TFBoys

Photo by Dong Jiexu

Culture | by Wan Jiahuan, Yuan Ye | Cao Baoping

Director Without Fear

Director Cao Baoping’s approach to filmmaking differs from most of his peers’; he integrates commercial appeal with an emotional fearlessness to create a kind of movie rarely seen in Chinese cinema

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Outside In | by Brittney Wong | Bargain Beijing


The best shopping China’s capital has to offer isn’t in designer-drenched Wangfujing or its many kaleidoscopic malls; for the true Beijing experience, bring your best bargaining face to the city’s massive markets

Outside In | by Sean Silbert | flavor of the month

Off With Their Heads!

Essay | by Abigail Thomson

Mountain Mayhem

Being of a parsimonious bent, we decided to take two single mattresses between the four of us. Haggling does not work in hostels

Essay | by Kenneth Kagan

Cream of the Crop

And then, behind the rack for the nudie mags and candy bars, there he was! Brother Cream, reclining serenely behind the cash register

Visual Report | by News China Magazine


China by Numbers | by News China Magazine

China by Numbers - November 2015

Cultural Listings | by News China Magazine | Cinema

Artistic Kung Fu

Cultural Listings | by News China Magazine | Exhibition

Ancient Art

Cultural Listings | by News China Magazine | Book

Gathering Honey on Earth

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