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September 2015 Issue

Commentary | by Yan Xiaofeng

China’s new economic strategies require an overhaul of its telecommunications industry

‘Internet Plus’ and ‘Made In China 2025’ cannot thrive if the national telecoms network is monopolized by a few big hitters

Editorial | by News China Magazine

China is on the right track in restructuring its economy

Positive trends in economic development are taking place, with the government making more of an effort to restructure the economy to be more people-oriented and environmentally friendly.

Politics | by Wang Ning | Urbanization

Pushing The Limit

In its search for a new development model, China’s urban planners have moved to place boundaries on city expansion

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Politics | by Du Guodong, Min Jie | Government Relocation

Journey to the East

The Beijing municipal government will move some departments to the city’s eastern suburbs to ease traffic congestion and boost regional integration, but challenges abound

Society | by Wang Yan | National Studies

Back to Our Roots

A nationwide craze for studying traditional Chinese philosophy and culture has brought the Confucian classics and traditional arts back into the limelight decades after being expunged from Chinese academia. NewsChina explores how this trend started, and how much further it may grow

Society | by Wang Yan | National Studies

Looking Forward

According to Beijing Normal University’s Professor Xu Yong, national confidence comes from its cultural prosperity and revitalization, and he is sure the revival of “national studies” is a big step forward

Society | by Wang Yan | National Studies

Rough Road Ahead

The comeback of traditional Chinese studies has stirred up controversies because of a lack of regulations and resources. In a modern context, reviving classical Chinese culture is easier said than done

International | by Yu Xiaodong, Wang Qilong | China-US Dialog


The US and China avoided open confrontation over the South China Sea issue during their recent strategic and economic dialogs

Special Report | by Xie Ying | Campus Bullying

Victims of Silence

Video footage of violence on Chinese school campuses has provoked public alarm, with some calling for criminal prosecution of the worst offenders. Experts, however, believe that society, not the law, needs to take responsibility

Photo by IC

Society | by Zhou Fengting | Street Performers

Freedom to be Managed

China is experimenting with licensing street performers to enliven its public spaces. However, with a large number of government departments involved in the process, things are moving slowly

Photo by IC

Culture | by Wan Jiahuan | Movie Producer Lü Jianmin

An Eye for Success

With a gift for spotting untapped niche markets, producer Lü Jianmin has made a name for himself in China’s huge movie market by exploiting a film’s true selling point, whether it’s eroticism, fear or patriotism

Photo by cns

International | by Li Jia | China-EU Relations


China and the EU are trying to discover new products, new partnerships and new possibilities to boost the world’s second-largest trading relationship

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