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September 2015 Issue

Economy | by Wang Sijing, Yue Wei, Li Jia | Stock Market


Recent drastic volatility in China’s stock market will not, observers hope, undermine the stability of China’s reform effort

Society | by An Ran, Qian Wei | Exam Fraud


As cheating on international exams like the SAT and TOEFL becomes rampant in China, a NewsChina reporter wonders: Just how easy is it to scam the system? She takes the TOEFL to find out, and collects firsthand information on the exam’s exploitable loopholes

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International | by Li Jia | China-EU Relations


Unbeknownst to many, China and the EU are forging closer ties on international, regional and even bilateral political and security issues. While further cooperation is expected, this area is proving trickier to negotiate than business

Society | by Min Jie | Lottery Funds Scandal


China’s recent audit of lottery funds uncovers massive corruption and fundamental flaws within the industry

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Society | by Du Guodong | Rural Teachers

Rough Schooling

China’s rural teachers have long been underpaid and undervalued by the country’s highly centralized education system. Will a newly released support plan improve their lot?

Society | by Gong Longfei, Du Guodong | Migrant Workers

Right to Retirement

As the first generation of Chinese migrant workers nears retirement, their widely underpaid pensions have become a dire problem. Older workers are going on strike or suing in order to claim unpaid funds

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Outside In | by Kenneth Kagan | Cool Caving

Down in the Depths

One of China’s largest underground caverns is just a short hop from Beijing. Just watch your step once you’re inside

China by Numbers | by News China Magazine

China by Numbers - September 2015

Outside In | by Sean Silbert | flavor of the month

Mental Floss

Visual Report | by News China Magazine


What They Say | by News China Magazine

What They Say - September 2015

Essay | by Brittney Wong


The skinny grandfather would stand near the door and knead a mound of dough nearly as large as his 18-month-old grandson

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