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June 2015 Issue | by News China Magazine

How to make “Made in China 2025” a reality

The apparent decline in China’s manufacturing sector is taking place against the backdrop of other countries making a more concerted effort to develop homegrown manufacturing

May 2015 Issue | by News China Magazine

China needs to tackle the problem of ‘land finance’ to foster innovation

Concerns over the debt problem of local governments and its impact on GDP growth rates appear to have forestalled relevant land reforms

April 2015 Issue | by News China Magazine

China’s bold new environment law will likely remain hamstrung

The new law fails to address some major issues behind China’s deteriorating environmental situation.

March 2015 Issue | by News China Magazine

Deregulation is the key to a robust financial system and a healthy economy

It is imperative for China to reform its financial sector, breathing life into private business

February 2015 Issue | by News China Magazine

Land reform must redress the systematic bias against farmers

The government must realize that a major root cause of dissatisfaction is not the collective ownership of rural land, but the abuse of power and a failure to protect farmers’ rights.

January 2015 Issue | by News China Magazine

China’s climate change deal is a triumph

China’s leaders are aware that climate change is a major global threat and that China, as the world’s biggest carbon emitter, has an international obligation to cut its pollution.

December 2014 Issue | by News China Magazine

China’s ‘new normal’ will be a long-term phenomenon

This period will pose both opportunities and challenges for China and its leadership, as the central authorities are compelled to focus on getting China back on the track of healthy development.

November 2014 Issue | by News China Magazine

An effective anti-corruption drive needs a three-dimensional approach

What has been largely ignored in the discussion is the need to foster a political culture in which corruption is politically intolerable.

October 2014 Issue | by News China Magazine

Let’s put values back on the table

Confucians urged civil servants to keep clear of commerce, lest the pursuit of wealth blind them to their responsibilities as moral examples to the masses.

September 2014 Issue | by News China Magazine

Budget transparency is the key to tackling corruption

The lack of transparency and supervision of government budgets has been one of the major causes of widespread corruption

August 2014 Issue | by News China Magazine

Innovation will boost science and technology research

China’s reform of its science and technology systems has fallen behind – a hindrance to technological advances and innovation.

July 2014 Issue | by News China Magazine

The success of further reform hinges on rekindling Reform Spirit

China’s new leadership appears to be pushing reform once more, but that enthusiasm is lacking at the local level

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