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August 2011 Issue | by News China Magazine

We Shouldn’t Prevent Rural Residents from Seeking a Better Life

There is growing consensus that if we can’t achieve this mammoth task, then all other attempts to modernize China will have been in vain.

July 2011 Issue | by News China Magazine

Tax Income, not Salaries

China’s richest citizens rarely accumulate the bulk of their wealth through inflated salaries – partly because doing so would make them subject to vastly increased taxation.

June 2011 Issue | by News China Magazine

You Can’t Expect Bereaved Families to ‘Rent in Peace’

Alongside housing, the cost of burial plots has soared in recent years, with many people purchasing their final resting place well in advance, leading to the black joke that it’s as expensive to die as to live in China.

May 2011 Issue | by News China Magazine

Don’t Make China Your Model

“China has selected a development path that fits China’s actual circumstances. But such a path is only the means, not the end.” Wen Jiabao

April 2011 Issue | by News China Magazine

Labor Shortages, the Looming Challenge

Many companies have resorted to providing a free shuttle bus ride back to the workplace and a “work resumption bonus” to entice employees back.

March 2011 Issue | by News China Magazine

Stop “managing” our heritage

Iconoclasm is nothing new to China. Since the 1900s, politicians and intellectuals have experimented with overturning the “old ways.”

February 2011 Issue | by News China Magazine

An Anxious Society

The fact that majority of the population, even those in power and relatively affluent are feeling vulnerable indicates the overall dissatisfaction and distrust of the existing social order.

January 2011 Issue | by News China Magazine

Law of the Land

The scale of the restructuring of rural villages is unprecedented, and very worrying.

December 2010 Issue | by News China Magazine

With GDP off the list, how about some social development targets?

“This is a song we’ve heard many times before, but now the beat is changing.”

November 2010 Issue | by News China Magazine

If we leave a message, 
will our leadership get back to us?

The sheer volume of messages makes it unlikely that senior leaders will personally frequent the message board. Even if they chose to log on, they would find the fragmented and unspecific language of many personal messages difficult to reply to.

October 2010 Issue | by News China Magazine

Legislating Morality? Obey the Law

There’s no doubt that Chinese society has become awash with a peculiar type of material hedonism, nowhere more so than the entertainment industry.

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