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December 2015 Issue | by Taylor McNaboe


I asked myself the question that I am sure many who visit Chengdu will ponder: Do pandas deserve the hubbub?

December 2015 Issue | by Olivia Contini

La Dolce China

Did I really see that? Am I really in China? I thought my mind was playing tricks on me

November 2015 Issue | by Abigail Thomson

Mountain Mayhem

Being of a parsimonious bent, we decided to take two single mattresses between the four of us. Haggling does not work in hostels

November 2015 Issue | by Kenneth Kagan

Cream of the Crop

And then, behind the rack for the nudie mags and candy bars, there he was! Brother Cream, reclining serenely behind the cash register

October 2015 Issue | by Andrew Knowles

Mr. Ubiquitous

I asked the hostel receptionist where Ma was. “Who?” she said. I repeated his name several times, and while her smile remained fixed, her eyebrows furrowed

October 2015 Issue | by Anna Lykkeberg

Park Life

He gestured towards me. “Clean ears?” he asked. It took me a few seconds to realize that all of these instruments were indeed designed to penetrate the aural canal

September 2015 Issue | by Brittney Wong


The skinny grandfather would stand near the door and knead a mound of dough nearly as large as his 18-month-old grandson

September 2015 Issue | by Abigail Thomson

Society Girl

Upon commencing the interview, we were asked to ‘describe ourselves using a book title’

August 2015 Issue | by Brittney Wong

Toilet Trouble

It took half an hour and a lot of unintelligible expletives, but he finally withdrew the cause of the problem – a pair of glasses

August 2015 Issue | by Anitra Williams

Feminist China

Women often have a hard time being taken seriously as anything other than a baby-making pair of breasts

July 2015 Issue | by Anna Lykkeberg

A Busload of Surprises

Once on board, I was surrounded by people staring down at their phones – watching TV shows, listening to music, playing games – anything to distract from the overcrowding

July 2015 Issue | by Reece Ayers


My role as a foreign attendee was to look nice for the camera

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