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Illustration by Wu Shangwen

January 2011 Issue | by Wang Di, Wang Baoquan | State Owned Enterprises

More Dividends, but for Whom?

Government plans to increase dividends from State-owned enterprises are creating concern over the redistribution of the national wealth.

Illustration by Wu Shangwen

January 2011 Issue | by Shen Jia | Special Interest Groups

The Invisible Obstacle

As the top leadership calls for reform, many point out that special interest groups are fast becoming a serious barrier to the country’s long term social development.

Photo by fotoe/ Illustration on previous page from “Standard Family” by Wang Jinsong

December 2010 Issue | by Yang Min, Xie Ying | Family Planning Policy

Birth of the One Child Policy

Three decades have passed since the implementation of China’s controversial “one child per couple” policy. With ardent supporters and detractors both inside and outside of the country, we examine its history and ongoing legacy.

Photo by CFP

December 2010 Issue | by Zheng Zhonghai | Family Planning Policy

What’s Next?

A secret 25-year “two-child” project may yet inspire a solution to the unintended consequences of the one child policy.

Photo by Wang Yan

December 2010 Issue | by Wang Yan | Family Planning Policy

Enduring Memories

The strict enforcement of the one child policy has left an indelible stamp upon the lives of countless families throughout the country.

Photo by Xinhua

December 2010 Issue | by Wang Xue, Wang Weibo | Online Politics

Progress in Dilemma

A new government-led initiative is encouraging the public to engage in direct dialogue with the country’s top leaders by posting messages online. But can the introduction of internet message boards really facilitate meaningful communication?

Photo by Xinhua

November 2010 Issue | by Shen Jia | Political Reform

Rumor and Rhetoric

Premier Wen Jiabao’s references to “political reform” in a speech to commemorate the 30th anniversary of China’s first batch of special economic zones echoes similar remarks by former President Deng Xiaoping, leading to murmurs that genuine political change might be on the way.

Photo by IC

October 2010 Issue | by Liu Wanyuan | Taiwan Straits

Spokesman: Military Deployment Could be ‘Reconsidered’

While economic ties between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan have improved significantly in recent years, the island remains wary of China’s expanding influence.

October 2010 Issue | by Wang Baoquan, Wang Xue | People’s Congress Reform

The Career Politician

The decision in Luojiang County, Sichuan, to upgrade the role of a people’s congress delegate from a part-time to a full-time position, has triggered much debate. But will it set a precedent across the country? NewsChina investigates.

Photo by CFP

October 2010 Issue | by Wang Xue, Wang Quanbao | Police Harassment of Journalists

Freeing the Press

Despite being increasingly willing to push the envelope, investigative journalists in China remain at the mercy of the police and special interests, due in part to their poorly-defined legal status.

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