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May 2014 Issue | by Xie Ying | Three Gorges Dam


The Central Committee for Discipline Inspection has trained its crosshairs on the State-owned Three Gorges Corporation - putting a previously untouchable prestige project in the firing line of its expanding anti-corruption campaign

Photo by Gao Zheng

July 2012 Issue | by Wang Chen | Yunnan Bombing

A Most Convenient Suspect

A hastily-concluded investigation into the bombing of a government building in Yunnan Province has been re-opened due to public pressure. Why aren’t local residents swallowing the official line?

June 2016 Issue | by Wan Jiahuan, Yi Ziyi | Gen 2-D

Breaking the Wall

A heady mix of technology and market forces is expanding China’s market for digital entertainment and feeding the dreams of a young generation comfortable with inhabiting an entirely virtual social landscape

June 2016 Issue | by Wang Shan | Blood Shortage

Pennies for Plasma

Chronic seasonal blood shortages have created a huge black market for blood across China.

June 2016 Issue | by Wang Siqian | Medical Profiteering


Authorities are cracking down harder on people who sell doctors’ appointment slots, but with massive financial incentives and minimal legal ramifications, systemic changes are needed to squash the scalpers

June 2016 Issue | by Wu Ziru, Du Guodong | School Districts


Parents in the Chinese capital rush to buy expensive homes in top school districts regardless of their quality, or even the guarantee of placement in a decent school

June 2016 Issue | by Wang Sijing | Internet Celebrities

The Busi-ness of Online Stardom

A new group of Internet stars is emerging in China – its members are cultivated by “celebrity incubators” to quickly garner fame and use it to push self-branded products. Just as quickly, they are becoming undeniable contenders in online markets

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May 2016 Issue | by Li Teng, Du Guodong | Chen Man

Never Back Down

Wrongfully imprisoned for 23 years, Chen Man is now a free man thanks to the persistence of his legal team and a changing judicial environment

Photo by Wu fang

May 2016 Issue | by Wang Sijing | Pediatrician Shortage


Pediatric medicine is seen as a career of last resort amongst Chinese medical students – despite huge demand, those who qualify face meager salaries, high pressure and oppressive workloads

May 2016 Issue | by Wu Ziru | AIDS Project

The Pwer of Prevention

One social organization is working to empower Chinese youth with knowledge and skills to help protect themselves from HIV/AIDS

May 2016 Issue | by Wang Sijing | Butlers

The Next Big Thing?

A new butler school and its students bank on China’s legion of millionaires, hoping that hiring a butler will become the next symbol of wealth amongst the country’s nouveau riche

Photo by Xinhua

April 2016 Issue | by Wang Shan, Xie Ying | Cloned Meat

Sci-fi No More

Some scientists say cloned meat is the answer to Chinese consumers’ voracious appetite for beef, but safety concerns and high costs remain two major hurdles they need to overcome before cloned beef will grace the dinner table

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