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January 2015 Issue | by Jing Kaixuan

China needs genuine rule of law

Establishing rule of law means that society as a whole, including political parties, governments and individuals, should be subject to the law

December 2014 Issue | by Yang Yingjie

Tax reform is key to solving local debt

Solving the local government debt crisis will require a drastic realignment of China’s tax system

October 2014 Issue | by Deng Yuwen

So, you want to create a fair market? Then take it seriously

Paternalism, protectionism and state monopolies are the three obstructions to the development of a genuine market economy

September 2014 Issue | by Zuo Xiaoyuan

China’s new ambitions in Latin America are not without their challenges

There are both opportunities and obstacles facing China’s endeavor to woo ”America’s backyard”

July 2014 Issue | by Li Jia

Another Shot in the Arm

Stimulus can be helpful, as long as it buys more than time

May 2014 Issue | by News China Magazine


September 2012 Issue | by News China Magazine

Destination LONDON


August 2012 Issue | by Yu Xiaodong | Village Self-Governance

Cure or Curse?

A social education program has shed new light on the debate over the viability of village-level self-governance in China


August 2012 Issue | by Li Jia | Mini-Stimulus

Off the Wagon

China’s market needs to keep its appetite up, but who decides what’s on the menu?

June 2012 Issue | by Wang Yan | Paleontology

Fossil Fuel

With an abundance of research funding and unparalleled fossil resources, over the past decade China has become a mecca for paleontologists from across the globe. However, Chinese institutions are finding themselves hamstrung by a lack of domestic talent in the discipline

March 2012 Issue | by Yuan Ye | Government Architecture

Political Specimens

Photographer Bai Xiaoci has chosen the architecture of China’s countless government buildings as the subject of his work, using State esthetics as a gauge for the national mood. We caught up with Bai to ask how he felt China’s leadership were expressing themselves in the 21st century


February 2012 Issue | by News China Magazine

Sinking Feeling

Mining, water depletion and environmental degradation have contributed to a rash of land subsidence incidents throughout China’s industrial heartland. Has China’s breakneck development undermined its own foundations?

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